Instrument range

The business has a selective range to offer most players. The stock changes all the time but maintains a suitable range for any level or experience. From beginners to professionals, the workshop can help you find the right instrument for your needs and price range, providing expert advice, with the 'trying out room' you may, in privacy find the instrument that you especially like.  


Please note: the 'trying out room' is subject to availability.

Instrument accessories

The business stocks numerous accessories, for all those little extras you may need for your instrument. From shoulder rests to bows, strings and cases

Other products in stock:
  • Specialist bows

  • Student/ inexpensive for viola, cello and double bass

  • Accessories for viola, cello and double bass

Find the right violin for you today

Visit Alley Cats Violins covering Wolverhampton, Staffordshire area and the Midlands today, and receive expert help and advice to suit all budgets.

The business selection of instruments includes modern/turn of the century and of the higher quality workshops.